Client Management

Step 1: Sharing Top Tips

Should you choose to avail of our Client Management Scheme, you will be assigned a Customer Success Manager. This individual is a marketing expert, wholly familiar with both In1 Solutions technology and emerging trends in the online world. They’ll review your website and gifting solution set-up and advise on how best to get the word out to customers.

Step 2: Getting to Know You

As the weeks pass and your Client Success Manager establishes a clear idea of who you are and what you would like to achieve, their advice will continue to become more specialised and bespoke. From voucher packages to branding to marketing strategies, their strategies will be all-encompassing and geared towards maximising your sales and success.

Step 3: Finger on the Pulse

By implementing tactics offered by your Client Success Manager, you will quickly begin to see the impact on your daily, weekly, and/or monthly voucher reports. Every milestone you surpass will allow you to progress to the next level, where you will be fed more and more marketing tips, clever voucher functionality, and insider secrets.